Changes are afoot at Google...

Post date: Oct 18, 2011 8:56:48 PM

What's up with your inbox? As Google works towards an equal platform for all Google accounts, you will notice changes to your account. These changes do not happen for everyone at the same time, but eventually everyone will have the same look and options. As these changes take place in our Google Apps for Education account, more helpful hints will be shared!

Let's look at the most recent changes to your inbox.

First, you'll notice new options in a new order.

Your contacts are now easily accessed through this menu. There are many new options in the Contacts. First, you will see all of your contacts listed in alphabetical order.

Under "More actions ▾" drop down, you have many more options including sorting your contacts by first or last name.

To create a group, simply choose "New Group" from the menu options in your Contacts menu.

Once you save your new group, you will then see it listed under My Contacts.

To add a contact your group, select the group title from your My Contacts menu. This opens the group. You can search for individuals in the FSD global address book.

Once you locate the correct email address, select the name by click in the small box to the left of the name, and then click on the button "Groups▾" and choose which group you want to add the contact.

Or, add individuals from outside the FSD domain by typing the email address direction into the field under "Add to 'My Contacts'▾"

*Don't forget to click the "Add" button*

You will then need to repeat the steps to add this new contact to a group.

To view the members of your group, again select the group name listed under My Contacts menu and your group members names will appear in an alphabetical list.

Remember, any email you have sent or received is automatically added as a contact to "My Contacts." You do not need to add any FSD staff member to "My Contacts" as they already reside in the FSD global address book. You only need to worry about adding contacts outside of the FSD domain and you have never sent an email to that address.