Mac OS Keyboard Shortcuts

Post date: Oct 13, 2011 8:36:19 PM

Here are a few helpful keyboard shortcuts:

Zero Brightness

Control-Shift-Eject = Instantly turn your display off without logging out from the system.

Control-Shift = returns display to normal.

Home and End

Pressing Control-A (Home) and Control-E (End) = moves your cursor to the beginning of the line or the end of the line.

Pressing Command-← or Command-→ performs the same action.

Pressing Command-↑ or Command-↓ = moves your cursor to the top of the page or the bottom.

Delete and Backspace

Control-D (Delete) and Control-H (Backspace)

You can use Fn-Delete to perform forward deletion while the button Delete acts as Backspace.

Google Search Box

Command-Option-F = Quickly jumps your cursor to Google Search Box when you are in the browser.


Command-F opens a search and find dialogue box in a document or on a webpage


Command-Option-[+] (Zoom In) or Command-Option-[-] (Zoom Out) = Zoom in/out your display

Command-[+] (Zoom In) or Command-[-] (Zoom Out) = Zoom in/out your webpage

Ever wonder what those keys do at the top of your keyboard?